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Therapeutic services available at Body & Sole

Enhanced Swedish Massage
$28…30 minute massage - generally focused on neck, back and shoulders.
$40…45 minute massage $50…60 minute massage - a full body massage.
$65…75 minute massage - extra time to relax.
$80…90 minutes - extra, extra time to relax!
Relaxing massage utilizing basic Swedish massage techniques with other modalities such as myofascial release, neuromuscular massage, and deep muscle therapy.  The goal of this massage is to relax the body while loosening overall muscular tightness, improve circulation and as needed focus special attention on specific joint or muscular areas, such as the neck or back, etc.

Corrective Bodywork; Orthopedic and Sports Massage
$20   Up to 20 minutes of treatment
$10   for every additional 10 minutes of treatment  

Focused massage & bodywork for recovery from muscular injuries, chronic stiff necks, repetitive motion injuries, etc. The massage therapist utilizes stretching, resistance, and other bodywork techniques to relieve painful conditions.  Can be combined with other medical care, though the goal is to relieve the injury before medical care is necessary.                                       

Healing Stone Massage   
$60…60 minutes
Something old or something new?  Both actually.  Another 2000-year-old technique that is again receiving a lot of attention - and for good reason!  Smooth river stones have the ability to retain muscle-relaxing heat (or therapeutic coldness) and are used by the therapist to enhance the massage experience.  Warm stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s fingers to give a deeper, more cellular cleansing massage.  Cool stones can be placed on the sinuses to relieve pressure.  Imagine warm stones placed on tense muscles  Are you melting yet?  Try it!! 

Foot Spa Therapy   
$35…approx 60 minutes  
This fabulously relaxing therapy includes a warm water footbath and reflexology.  Reflexology is both an ancient and contemporary technique that utilizes acupressure on reflex points of the feet.  Guided by the long-established principle that energy zones called meridians run throughout the body, the reflexologist massages and stimulates the reflex points which correspond to major organs, glands, and body zones.  The result is deep relaxation, stress reduction, improved circulation, revitalized energy and balance.  

Salt Glow Massage    
$60…approx 60 minutes   
This massage combines finely textured sea salt with soothing massage lotion. Combining mineral rich salt with massage helps flush the lymphatic system while exfoliating the skin to impart a glowing, fresh appearance.  You’ll have baby-soft skin and feel incredibly relaxed.

Chakra Balancing   
$25….35 to 55 minutes
Also known as Reiki, this non-invasive touch healing system works with the human energy field.  It is administered with a light touch of the hands (through clothing) upon various parts of the body, in a pattern that promotes optimum energy balance.

Warm flax “Pillowsage”    
$20… 25 minutes    
Stay fully clothed, but lay down for 25 minutes of soothing warmth with just the right amount of heat and pressure applied with warm flax compresses made by Mother Earth Pillows®.    

Gua Sha     
$20… 25 minutes
Pressure strokes applied to oiled skin using a round edged tool, which raises the “sha” (small red patches on the skin) that will fade in 2 to 3 days.  The technique moves stagnant blood, promotes circulation, and relieves stiffness and pain in muscles.  This technique can also be requested in combination with your regular massage at no additional cost.  

$20… 25 minutes   
Vacuum mobilization for bringing blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin, loosening adhesions, and releasing rigid soft tissue.   

Pregnancy Massage    
$55…60 minutes  
Gentle, relaxing massage to benefit both mother and baby.   You can trust our therapist, specially trained and certified in pregnancy massage, to alleviate much of the physical and emotional distress that can accompany the many changes during pregnancy.  Also available: Our therapist can train your partner to provide relief of low back aches, swollen ankles, etc. at home during the many stages of pregnancy.

Ear Candling    
$30…per ear   
This centuries old method relieves pressure in sinuses and ears and can improve balance.  A hollow cone made of unbleached muslin and pure beeswax is placed at the edge of your ear canal and the opposite end is lit.  The heat and smoke dries out fluids and creates a gentle vacuum effect, drawing out dried wax and other impurities such as bacteria.  Aids in temporary hearing loss from blockage and can also help alleviate middle-ear infections, earaches, and vertigo (balance) problems.

Theraflex Therapy
$  55...Single standard session
$250...Set of 5 standard sessions
$  90...Single Scoliosis Session
A new service available in our office, provided by our "sister" company, Back In Sync.  The theraflex machine is a small handheld tool that is controlled by precise electronics, and powered by compressed air.  It delivers precise and repetitive "taps" to muscles and tendons along both sides of the spinal column. By delivering quick taps to small tendons and muscles that attach to the part of the vertebrae known as the transverse processes, a reflexive neuromuscular response is elicited that "unlocks" chronic patterns of stress within the intervertebral sections of the spine.  For detailed information please visit the Back In Sync Website at www.backinsync.net